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The Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) Programme focuses on two key themes in our work to help socially excluded groups in India: non-discriminatory access to livelihood opportunities and the right to basic services.

Sustainable livelihoods

In the seven PACS-targeted states, socially excluded groups face discrimination in accessing livelihood sources. We are working to improve non-discriminatory access to:

  • work
  • land and common property resources
  • and resources for diversification of livelihood options.

Right to basic services

Socially excluded groups experience greater challenges in accessing basic services and enforcing their rights. Our work aims to improve non-discriminatory access to:

  • Education
  • health and nutrition services.

Working with civil society to challenge discrimination

PACS supports and partners with civil society organisations (CSOs) to challenge discrimination and promote inclusive policies and decisions aimed at creating opportunities for socially excluded groups.

Through the entire PACS programme cycle, we focuse on addressing the various forms of discrimination faced by socially excluded communities in:

  • The economic sphere – through denial of equal economic rights and entitlements.
  • Accessing social services and other amenities such as education, health services, food security schemes and housing.